Barcelona 2018 medals to be unveiled on Wednesday

The medals that will be awarded to the three best teams of the 33rd LEN European Water Polo Championships Barcelona 2018 will be unveiled on Wednesday, Abril 18th, at the Allianz Seguros Auditorium, the main partner of the competition. The event will take place at 12pm and will be attended by the President of the Organizing Committee, Fernando Carpena, and the Vice-Presidents, Marta Carranza and Enric Bertrán, as well as Cristina del Ama, General manager and Head of the Commercial and Market Management Departments at Allianz Seguros, who will be the host of the event.

Javier Abad, designer of the medals, will present the awards, which are very imaginative and will cause a great impact during the prize-giving ceremony because of their originality. Abad is part of the company Todotrofeo, founded in Alicante in 2002, and has acquired a reputation for the high-end technology used to design its products.

The two managers of the Spanish national teams, Miki Oca and David Martín, are expected to attend the event, as well as several players from both squads.

Jennifer Pareja, Barcelona 2018 Ambassador, and journalist Aleix Parisé, will present the event.