The youngest member of the Spanish national team, the player who has broken every precocity record in the book, Paula Leitón, is the perfect example of cautiousness and moderation. The Astralpool CN Sabadell player, the second center forward in Miki Oca’s squad, one of the crown jewels of Spanish water polo, believes the Spaniards will be the favorites to claim the title in Barcelona 2018, but need to remain watchful. The latest Europa Cup in Pontevedra is a cautionary tale of what can happen if they lose focus. “Favorites? – she asks herself – Well, we are playing in front of a home crowd,
Nobody would have been surprised if Miguel de Toro had chosen to build a career in basketball. He enjoyed watching it and his height, 2,03m, made him perfect for this sport. Instead, he picked water polo. “I started in Waterpolo Sevilla when I was 16- he remembers -I stayed there for four season, on at CAR Sant Cugat when I was 17. I’ve played for Catalan clubs since I was 20, first at CNB and now at Mediterrani.” The Andalusian came to water polo quite expectedly, as he had to drop his brother off at the pool. After a while, he decided to try it out for himself. He is currently going through
If experience is the best teacher, Pili Peña, captain of the Spanish national team, sure is an expert. She’s about to turn 32 (she was born on April 4th), but her love for water polo, her commitment and her extraordinary work ethic allow her to look long-term at the career. In the next few months she will have several opportunities to add more titles to her impressive track record, with the upcoming Europa Cup, Final Four, World League and, above all, the 33rd LEN European Water Polo Championships Barcelona 2018. “I feel awesome right now – she explains – both physically and mentally. I love
José María Motos, also known as Pepe, a nickname his teammates in Astrapool CN Sabadell and the Spanish national team use for him, is a water polo goalkeeper 24/7. This is what defines him, and he puts his heart and soul into it. Pepe has always been a goalkeeper. This is what he likes. “I have always played as goalkeeper. When I started my career in water polo I knew I didn’t want to try anything else. Being a goalkeeper is what I enjoy best. My idols were always goalkeepers, in my team the Russian Nikolai Maksimov, who was with us in Sabadell for three seasons, and in football, the German
There is no other player as excited to compete in Barcelona 2018 as Helena Lloret. The CN Mataró leftie is back in the Spanish national team – in which she played , a crucial role in Budapest 2017 - after missing the London Olympic Games and Barcelona World Championships because of a pulmonary embolism. Lloret did not give up on her dreams, and after a 5-year-battle she is ready to represent her country in the European Championships and in the Tokyo Olympics, her long-term goal. Her perseverance and strength are undeniable. “The truth is I overcame my illness pretty fast in 2012 – she explains
The youngest rising star of Spanish water polo knows how to organize his schedule to play for Atlètic Barceloneta, pursue a degree in Law and collaborate in unexpected activities, such as the Barcelona 2018 ticket sales campaign. Álvaro Granados is always ready to help anyone and fulfill his obligations. And with a smile, to prove that anything can be done. He is the perfect sportsperson. “It’s the first time I have been asked to participate in something like that – he explains, referring to the promotional event with the giant ball to promote the start of the ticket sales campaign – and it
All eyes are on her. Spaniard Alejandra Aznar is ready to astonish the world with her incredible skills. Considered one of the most interesting players in the world, with a bright future ahead, Aznar conquered the Junior European Championships last summer and is currently playing for CN Sant Andreu is one of the toughest European leagues. She’s 17, but no one can rule her out of the 33rd LEN European Water Polo Championships Barcelona 2018. “Being a member of the national team is going to be extremely hard, especially after the silver medal in Budapest 2017, but if I’m in the preliminary lists
Unlike many great players from Real Canoe who after standing out decided on a change of scenery and left for Catalonia to take a step forward in their careers, Víctor Gutiérrez has been part of this club for over eight years, during which he has become a key player in and out of the pool for his incredible skill and great personality. This season he is the top goalscorer of the Spanish League. “I’m very happy in this clubs – Víctor explains – The truth is, I’ve received several offers over the past few years, but I wasn’t convinced by any of them, on an economic or sporting level. It didn’t
One of the biggest revelations if the Spanish women’s water polo team started her career as a gymnast, but thanks to her brother’s interest for water polo, this sport welcomed a new skilled and enthusiastic athlete such as Bea Ortiz, who decided to trade the gym for the pool. Last year she was named MVP of the Spanish League and this summer she became one of the key players of the national team at the World Aquatics Championships in Budapest. The season ahead of the 33 rd LEN European Water Polo Championships Barcelona 2018 could not have started better for the player from Rubí, who signed
Alberto Munárriz is looking forward to starting a thrilling international season during which he will play a major role both in his club, Atlètic Barceloneta, and the Spanish national team. He has never considered himself the leader of this new generation of Spanish players, but experts praise him as the man responsible for the recent recovery of Spanish water polo. He will be a player to watch in the upcoming Final Eight and the 33 rd LEN European Water Polo Championships Barcelona 2018. “The season looks great. I’m very excited. I’m looking forward to taking part in the first international