Tue. Nov 30th, 2021


Year Country Gold Silver Bronze
1926 Budapest (Hungary) Hungary Sweden Germany
1927 Bologna (Italy) Hungary France Belgium
1931 Paris (France) Hungary Germany Austria
1934 Magdeburg (Germany) Hungary Germany Belgium
1938 London (Great Britain) Hungary Germany The Netherlands
1947 Monaco (Monaco) Italy Sweden Belgium
1950 Vienna (Austria) The Netherlands Sweden Yugoslavia
1954 Turin (Italy) Hungary Yugoslavia Italy
1958 Budapest (Hungary) Hungary Yugoslavia USSR
1962 Leipzig (GDR) Hungary USSR Yugoslavia
1966 Utrecht (The Netherlands) USSR GDR Yugoslavia
1970 Barcelona (Spain) USSR Hungary Yugoslavia
1974 Vienna (Austria) Hungary USSR Yugoslavia
1977 Jonköping (Sweden) Hungary Yugoslavia Italy
1981 Split (Yugoslavia) FRG USSR Hungary
1983 Rome (Italy) USSR Hungary Spain
1985 Sofia (Bulgaria) USSR Yugoslavia RFA
1987 Strasburg (France) USSR Yugoslavia Italy
1989 Bonn (FRG) FRG Yugoslavia Italy
1991 Athens (Greece) Yugoslavia Spain URSS
1993 Sheffield (Great Britain) Italy Hungary Spain
1995 Vienna (Austria) Italy Hungary Germany
1997 Seville (Spain) Hungary Yugoslavia Russia
1999 Florence (Italy) Hungary Croatia Italy
2001 Budapest (Hungary) Yugoslavia Italy Hungary
2003 Ljubljana (Slovenia) Serbia/Mont Croatia Hungary
2006 Belgrade (Serbia) Serbia Hungary Spain
2008 Malaga (Spain) Montenegro Serbia Hungary
2010 Zagreb (Croatia) Croatia Italy Serbia
2012 Eindhoven (The Netherlands) Serbia Montenegro Hungary
2014 Budapest (Hungary) Serbia Hungary Italy
2016 Belgrade (Serbia) Serbia Montenegro Hungary
2018 Barcelona (Spain)