Thank you all for your interest. All those who have not been finally selected, we appreciate your interest and if during the Championship we need you we will get in touch. Many thanks!!

I remember...

Rafael Tarragó

"Becoming a volunteer defines you as a person, you cooperate in a project in exchange for personal gratification to feel that you are part of it and that thanks to your participation the goals that are proposed are achieved. The experience of volunteering in the Final Six of 2015 still reminds me with pride and emotion. You feel there in the middle; among chants of different supporters, enjoying the show, while collaborating on the good performance of the event, it is priceless. If you are a sports enthusiast, do not hesitate, become a volunteer and you will experience a great deal of experience."

Rosa Fernández

"We enjoyed the best European water polo at the field of the pool and with a great working environment.
The best way to live the water polo!"

I keep a great record of that championship in order to be able to contribute my grain of sand in its good development."

Milica Petrovic

"For me to participate in any event as a volunteer, it is much more than just volunteering. These are always at the centre of everything that is happening, living with the players all their fears, joys, tears, happiness.... is to enjoy the event in another way, more familiar, more fun, helping your team in all what they need, you feel like part of that team, you feel good for being able to help them and even better for being able to live all that in first person, what as a spectator you cannot even imagine. I would recommend it to everyone :)"

Ricardo Salazar

"It was a great experience to live the Final Six by the pool, surrounded by the players!! I was in 2014, it was incredible to live the Gold of CN Atlètic-Barceloneta and in 2015 with bronze. Unforgettable experience and highly recommended!!"

Noelia Salazar

"Having the opportunity to collaborate on a great event such as the Final Six, with the great organization and above all living the best Water polo at the pool was an exciting experience! And celebrate the titles with the players!!"

Mercè Rueda

"I remember the experience of the Final Six with very fondness. They were a few days of good vibes, comradeship, different emotions, both for the spectacular sport, (training, parties, effort that involves competition at this level ...) and for the reunion with volunteers from other events, (swimming worlds, B10, X Games ...)."

Joaquim LLoret

"I was a volunteer in the statistics department of the two Final 6 held in Barcelona during the 2013-2014 and 2014-2015 seasons. My job was to keep track of the matches and enter the statistics in the Microplustiming system. These were to of the best experiences in my life as I was able to witness the best water polo in Europe first-hand and do something that I like."