Víctor Gutiérrez: “In Barcelona 2018 the team will take a leap forward”

Unlike many great players from Real Canoe who after standing out decided on a change of scenery and left for Catalonia to take a step forward in their careers, Víctor Gutiérrez has been part of this club for over eight years, during which he has become a key player in and out of the pool for his incredible skill and great personality. This season he is the top goalscorer of the Spanish League.

“I’m very happy in this clubs – Víctor explains – The truth is, I’ve received several offers over the past few years, but I wasn’t convinced by any of them, on an economic or sporting level. It didn’t quite fit with what I had in mind. Canoe is my home and they have given me everything I have, but it’s true that I don’t want to close any doors just yet.”

Gutiérrez has spent his whole career in Madrid, first in La Latina, where he played until he turned 18, then in Canoe. Last season, when the became the top goalscorer of the Premaat League and made it to the World Aquatics Championships, he was able to accomplish some of his goals as a water polo player. “I don’t know if that can be considered the pinnacle of my career – he says – since I’ve basically just started, but in 2017 I was able to make attain some of my objectives. I hope I will be able to keep on with the great work, especially this year playing the European Championships in front of a home crowd.” He defines the experience of competing in Budapest as “extraordinary”, but he thinks the final results did not reflect the squad’s real potential: “We did not expect that result. Our team was definitely better than what the outcome shows, although it is true that the squad was almost created from scratch and we didn’t have much time to work together. In the end, it was a letdown.”

Víctor regrets that that happened in the “mecca of water polo” and prefers to move forward, towards the Picornell, where he believes “the team will take a leap forward, as we will have more time to get ready before the competition and during winter season, with the World League and Europa Cup.” The Spaniard believes this new competition, which will start in February, is “a great idea.” 

“Everyone wants to play the top competitions, especially if it’s going to take place at home – he admits, thinking of the 33rd LEN European Water Polo Championships Barcelona 2018 -. We all know the strong connection between Barcelona and sports, how the city prepares such an event and the passion of its citizens. I’m sure it’s going to be an unforgettable experience and I hope I won’t be left out of the team.”

Víctor also has dreams beyond the pool. In the future, he sees himself as a “sports journalist”, although he has put his studies on standby to prepare for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. Last year he studied a double degree in journalism and audiovisual communication and worked in a television production company for six months, but combining his studies with his water polo career was more than difficult: “I had a very tight schedule and had to travel several kilometers every day, but I never gave up”, he remembers. 

He now feels like a full-time water polo player, although he does not rule out going back to his other passion or studying a master’s degree. In the future, when his water polo career is over, he will appreciate the effort.