Tue. Nov 30th, 2021

After a lengthy wait, the inauguration ceremony has officially started the 33rd LEN European Water Polo Championships Barcelona 2018. This is the most important international water polo competition of the current season.

After the speeches given by several important figures of various institutions, such as Ada Colau, mayor of Barcelona, Fernando Carpena, president of the Organizing Committee, and Paolo Barelli, president of the LEN, it was the well-known dance crew Brodas Bros that took the spotlight.

Following the electric dance presentation, images of more than 30 historic champions of the competition, which had its first edition back in 1926, popped up on the screens of the fantastic Bernat Picornell Pool. Fans showed their love as images of Spanish water polo legends such as Lolo Ibern, Pepe Brascó, Jennifer Pareja, Jesús Rollán, and Manel Estiarte, were projected on the screens.

Barcelona 2018 couldn’t have started any better. Now 14 exciting matchdays are ahead in this elite sporting competition, and as Carpena stated in his speech, “let the best team win.”