Quadis CN Mataró head to Hungary to play the Euro Cup

Quadis CN Mataró travel to Hungary today to play the Euro Cup, the second major continental clubs competition, where they will face Ferencvaros, Jadran Split and Primorac Kotor. The tournament, which will start on Friday in Budapest, will determine which two teams go through to the following round. The other group, competing in Aix-en-Provence, is formed by Pays d’Aix Natation, Shturm 2002, Miskolc and SM Verona. The Catalan squad was previously in Hungary to play the second stage of the qualifier, although back then the competition took place in Miskolc, instead of Budapest.

It is going to be a though tournament for Beto Fernández’s team, that will have to face Primorac, that defeated the Catalans 8-12 in the previous qualification stage, as well as the title-holder and host team. Ferencvaros is the main favorite: unquestionably a very complete team, the Hungarians have in their ranks the World Championships MVP Marton Vamos, the Hungarians Balasz Sziranvi and Denes Varga, as well as Norbert Madaras and the Serbians Stefan Mitrovic and Nikola Joksic.

Although Frencvaros didn’t lose a match in the previous stage, Mataró’s two other rivals proved to be more vulnerable. Jadran was defeated by the Hungarians 5-8 and claimed a tie against SM Verona. On the other hand, Primorac clinched a victory and a tie: 6-16 against Miskolc and 9-9 against Shturm 2002.

In their debut in the Premaat League, Quadis CN Mataró suffered an unexpected setback against CN Sant Andreu (8-7).

Pictured, Germán Yáñez, CN Mataró.