Tue. Nov 30th, 2021

The victories obtained by the Netherlands (20-2) and Greece (7-6) in group A and Russia (27-2) and Spain (27-2) in group B, have left four teams with six points, the maximum amount of possible points after the first two matchdays. These results begin to shape up the positions in each group just a third into the first stage of the women’s competition

In group A the Netherlands remain as leaders, having a goal difference of +38. Meanwhile in group B Russia continues to be at the top after another big win, this time against Serbia, which leaves them with a goal differential of +56.

The Netherlands, Russia, and Spain inflicted heavy defeats upon their rivals once again, while the closest game of the day was between Greece and Italy. Greece v Italy has become a classic matchup in the European Water Polo Championships due to the fact that they have faced each other in every edition of the tournament, except for Sevilla 1997. The balance is on Italy’s side as they have a record of 11 wins and 4 losses against the Greek team.

Greece beat Italy by one goal after dominating throughout the whole game, although the Italians had hopes of taking the win after turning the score around in the last minutes of the third quarter with a goal provided by their captain, Elisa Queirolo. The winning goal for Greece came in the fourth quarter, in which only one goal was scored. Alkisti Avramidou was responsible for obtaining the winning goal, which settled the score at 7-6, in an intense fourth quarter.

Greece has more than one reason to rejoice as their captain, Alexandra Asimaki, was chosen as the MVP of the second matchday.

The Spanish team, who’s confidence was at an all-time high after defeating the defending champions in their debut, cruised past Germany in a match in which they broke their record of most goals scored in a single game of the European Championships, as they beat the keeper on 27 occasions. Their previous record, which was set against Germany as well back in 2016, sat at 26 goals in one match.

With 11 out of the 12 outfield players on the score board the Spanish team demolished their rivals. The stars of the match were Anna Gual, Judith Forca, and Helena Lloret, who scored five goals each. The partial scores after each quarter were the following: 7-2, 7-0, 7-0, 5-0. Now both teams can enjoy a rest day as they don’t play again until Tuesday.