Martín calls 13 players for upcoming World League clash against the Netherlands


Álvaro Granados is the main absence of David Martín’s latest players list for the Spanish national team’s upcoming match against the Netherlands, as part of the World League qualifier, which will take place on February 13 in Dordrecht. Atlètic Barceloneta’s rising star will not travel with the rest of the team, and thus the expedition will be formed by 13 players:

Atlètic Barceloneta: Alejandro Bustos, Albert Español, Fran Fernández, Marc Larumbe, Daniel López Pinedo, Blai Mallarach, Alberto Munárriz, Roger Tahull.

Astrapool CN Sabadell: Sergi Cabanas, José María Motos.

CE Mediterrano: Miguel de Toro, Marc Minguell.

CN Sant Andreu: Alberto Barroso.

Martín has called so far 15 players in three World League matches, against the Netherlands in Málaga, against Hungary and now in Dordrecht. In addition to the 13 players who will take part in the next match, Martín has called in previous matches the abovementioned Granados as well as the Premaat League leading goalscorer Víctor Gutiérrez.

With a solid triumph against the Netherlands (9-5) and a narrow defeat in Hódmezővásárhely (9-8), the Spaniards occupy the second spot in their group, which is led by Hungary, with six points.

The men’s national squad will live a similar situation as the women’s last week, as this match will be a prologue to the Europa Cup qualifier. The Spaniards will face in Kecskemet from February 16-18 Georgia, France, Romania and Hungary. Only three teams will be able to book a ticket to the final, which will be held in early April.