Tue. Nov 30th, 2021

The 33rd LEN European Water Polo Championships Barcelona 2018 are about to begin. 28 teams (16 in the men’s category and 12 in the women’s) will compete between Saturday and July 28th for the title of the 33rd edition of the men’s competition, 17th of the women’s. This will be the most important international water polo competition of the 2018 season and there are numerous ways to keep up with the event.

34 European countries have purchased the rights to broadcast the live event or recorded matches. The original signal will be produced by TVE, host broadcaster of Barcelona 2018. They will be covering 78 out of 92 matches of the championships. In Spain fans will be able to watch the games live on channels Teledeporte (TVE) and Esport 3 (TV3). An audience of around one billion TV viewers are expected to follow the event worldwide, and international water polo enthusiasts are encouraged to check local listings to know when to watch the matches in the comfort of their home.

The 14 matches that TVE will not be producing a signal for will be broadcasted on the official website of the LEN as long as they aren’t restricted. Geolocation restrictions may vary across countries

On the homepage of Barcelona 2018 (www.wp2018bcn.com) there will be a daily 20-minute show at 13h with the most important information from the previous match day. The show will include highlights of the matches, interviews, results and the schedule for the rest of the matches.

On the web page fans will be able to follow matches in the Live section, which will be fed with information provided by Microplus. The Live section will have the following: lineups, schedule, statistics, photo galleries, video galleries, and more.

The most popular social media sites will provide up to date information about the action at the Picornell Pool. Our Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Youtube accounts will be posting more frequently once the competition begins.
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Youtube: @wp2018bcn

A wide array of content will be available for social media lovers as the Live Blog will compile all the content posted by the organization on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.