Helan Lloret and Laura Ester reign on social media

Helena Lloret and Laura Ester reign on social media, topping the list of Spanish players with most followers. The CN Mataró leftie has over 32.300 followers on Instagram and the Astrapool CN Sabadell goalkeeper is followed by 10.000 fans on Twitter. Both garner by far the biggest group of followers.

Lloret’s popularity comes however from her tattooing skills, as the account dedicated to her art is followed by thousands of people. On Twitter, however, she is far from the top of the list. On Instagram, she surpasses Victor Gutiérrez, with 21.300 followers and Albert Español, with 4.200.

On Twitter, the figures are worse. Ester tops the list with 10.700 followers, far from Gutiérrez, with 6.700, Maica Garcia with 6.200, Anni Espar with almost 5.600 and Mati Ortiz, with 5.400.