Barcelona 2018 welcomes its first two aspiring volunteers!

Mercè Rueda Martínez and Alex Miguel Mangas are the first two aspiring volunteers who have registered to work at the 33rd LEN European Water Polo Championships Barcelona 2018. In just a few hours, the Organizing Committee has received numerous applications, making it clear that Barcelona 2018 is currently in the spotlight. The championships will be both the major water polo event of the season and the biggest sporting competition held in Barcelona in 2018.

The first two applicants will receive a special gift from the Barcelona 2018 volunteer department.

After the first two days, the organization received 141 requests to be a volunteer in the Championships.

Overall, 600 volunteers are expected to take part in Barcelona 2018.

The volunteer department has made available numerous positions in a wide range of department, to make sure every applicant finds the perfect task. Aspiring volunteers will be able to register until June 15th. The registration form can be found on our official website (