Barcelona 2018 presents its best version one month before the opening of the event

The 33rd LEN European Water Polo Championships Barcelona 2018 has now entered the home stretch. With just one month before the opening ceremony, the event is reaching new milestones and unveiling the final details of the competition: the official ball, accreditations, sign posts, graphic design and trophies – all round shaped.

Fernando Carpena, President of the Organizing Committee, expressed his satisfaction over the work being done by the organization: “We’ve come a long way and now we only need to climb the summit, but I believe we’ll get to the top with strength thanks to the institutional cooperation between the administration and us, the athletes, the success of the ticket sales campaign and our two national teams, which I’m sure we’ll be up to the task.”

Marta Carranza and Enric Bertrán, Vice-Presients of the Organizing Committee of Barcelona 2018, Maite Fandos, Sports Deputy of the Barcelona Deputation, and Toni Reig, Director of the Catalan Sports Council, who acted as host at the Colet Museum in Barcelona, were among the attendees at the event, which served as an occasion to prove the organization is ready to host a great show, the best water polo event of the season.

In the technical presentation, Eugeni Ballarín, General Manager of Barcelona 2018, declared he is positive the tournament will be a great success and “the citizens of Barcelona will be able to enjoy a unique experience.” The Championships will take place from July 14th-28th at the Bernat Picornell Pools.

The final advertising campaign, which still revolves around the slogan “Don’t Stop It!”, features five players of Spain’s women’s national team, Maica García, Marta Bach, Clara Espar, Mati Ortiz and Paula Leitón, and six of the men’s, Alberto Munarriz, Marc Larumbe, Fran Fernández, Roger Tahull, Álvaro Granados and Alejandro Bustos.

Visuals will play a crucial role in Barcelona 2018, which will have over 270 meters of giant screens in the venue to improve the audience’s experience. The hip-hop, dance and urban culture group Brodas Bros will be in charge of the entertainment and will also take part in the opening ceremony on July 14th, which will also include a mapping projection on the water whose details will be unveiled at a later date.

Ballarín also informed that TVE, host broadcaster of Barcelona 2018, will produce 78 of the 92 matches, airing the match of the Spanish national team and two more every day. According to Ballarín, TV3 will also televise two games every day thanks to the agreement reached between the two public entities.