Tue. Nov 30th, 2021

The stands of the Bernat Picornell Pool have become an astonishing sight tonight, during the second day of the men’s competition, in the preliminary stage of the competition. The stellar match of the night session, a thrilling Hingary-Italy, and the second game of the Spanish national squad against France, have brought to the Montjuïc Mountain a very enthusiastic crowd, which proves that the passion for water polo in Catalonia is alive and well.

The stands of the pool, with a maximum capacity of 4.000 spectators, were completely full for the first time in Barcelona 2018. The organization hopes that with the start of the crucial matches in the round of 16, quarterfinals, semifinals and finals, the Picornell will always look this way.

Prices are very affordable and tickets are still available. A session can cost as little as €7. For the men’s final there are only €16-tickets available, as the more expensive ones are sold out. For the women’s, there are still some seats at €20 and €16. Those priced at €25, the most expensive ones, are no longer available.