Tue. Nov 30th, 2021

After the draw ceremony of the 33rd LEN European Water Polo Championships Barcelona 2018, the schedule for the first week of the tournament has been unveiled. This is the schedule for the first days of competition, up to the quarter-finals in the women’s category and the round of 16 for the men’s.


14th July
Group A: Israel-Italy, France-Greece, Netherlands-Croatia
Group B: Serbia-Germany, Hungary-Spain, Russia-Turkey

15th July
Group A: Italy-Greece, Croatia-France, Israel-Netherlands
Group B: Germany-Spain, Turkey-Hungary, Serbia-Russia

17th July
Group A: Greece-Croatia, Netherlands-Italy, France-Israel
Group B: Spain-Turkey, Russia-Germany, Hungary-Serbia

19th July
Group A: Italy-Croatia, Israel-Greece, Netherlands-France
Group B: Germany-Turkey, Serbia-Spain, Russia-Hungary

21st July
Group A: France-Italy, Greece-Netherlands, Israel-Croatia
Group B: Hungary-Germany, Spain-Russia, Serbia-Turkey

23rd July

25th July

27th July


16th July
Group A: Germany-Italy, Georgia-Hungary
Group B: Montenegro-France, Malta-Spain
Group C: Croatia-Netherlands, Turkey-Greece
Group D: Russia-Slovakia, Serbia-Romania

18th July
Group A: Hungary-Italy, Germany-Georgia
Group B: Spain-France, Montenegro-Malta
Group C: Greece-Netherlands, Croatia-Turkey
Group D: Romania-Slovakia, Russia-Serbia

20th July
Group A: Germany-Hungary, Georgia-Italy
Group B: Montenegro-Spain, Malta-France
Group C: Croatia-Greece, Turkey-Netherlands
Group D: Russia-Romania, Serbia-Slovakia

22nd July
Round of 16

24th July

26th July

28th July