Tue. Nov 30th, 2021

The logo is the first visual reference that conveys the identity of the event and the image that has the power to tell its message right from the beginning of the journey. The logo of the European Water Polo Championships Barcelona 2018 has been created by the designer Guillem Virgili and his team.

“Water polo is an action sport, energetic, attractive and spectacular. This is a unique occasion to celebrate an incredible party and enjoy an original and vibrant competition. Barcelona is just the perfect scenario, since it’s a Mediterranean city with strong ties with water polo. Ever since the 1992 Olympics, the city has worked very hard to convey the social and educational values found in sports, and particularly team sports” highlighted Guillem Virgili, the man behind the visual identity of the European Water Polo Championships, WP2018BCN, that will take place in 2018.

The design has been a real challenge for this artist and his team. “During the creative process, we looked for an image that could unify different concepts” affirmed the author, for whom the Mediterranean Sea, the spirit of integration of men and women’s sports, water polo and the Picornell Pools were the key elements to develop his vision. The result: a powerful icon (two W bound together), a visual representation of both this sport and the city’s energy.

Virgili and his team have a long career in this field and have worked on the visual design of numerous international sporting events, including the 2013 World Aquatics Championships in Barcelona, the 2011 Snowboard World Championships and the 2010 European Athletics Championships. “WP2018BCN is an excellent opportunity to bring this sport closer to the general public, to the city and to new audiences”, notes Virgili.

The logo was officially presented on November 4 during the Organizing Committee constitution ceremony, held at the Saló de Cròniques (Hall of Chronicles) of the Barcelona City Hall.