Don't Stop It!

As the 33rd LEN European Water Polo Championships Barcelona 2018, the message their first promotional campaign, Don’t Stop It, starts to grow louder. The slogan pretends to symbolize that this sport, like the water polo ball – the mascot of the event – is unstoppable. 

Laura Ester and Dani López Pinedo, the two international goalkeepers of the Spanish national team, are the faces of Barcelona 2018 and their collaboration has already become public. In the campaign, they try to catch a ball that eventually breaks a glass and cannot be stopped. 

Leaflets, flyers, stickers and merchandising, as well as the videos shared on social media platforms, are the main instruments used to bring the message to water polo enthusiasts worldwide and provide them with information about the major event of the season. 

Barcelona 2018 will be hosted at the Bernat Picornell Pool in Barcelona from July 14-28 2018. The qualifying tournaments have already begun, but the list of 16 men’s and 12 women’s teams that will compete for European glory will not be announced until 2018. Only the eight first classified teams from the latest European Championships – six for the women’s – have secured a spot in Barcelona: Croatia. Greece, Hungary, Italy, Serbia, Montenegro, Russia and Spain in the men’s tournament, and the Netherlands, Italy, Russia, Greece, Hungary and Spain in the women’s.

The ad featuring Dani López Pinedo is available HERE 

Don't stop it