Álvaro Granados: “My goal is to improve as a player”

Álvaro Granados The youngest rising star of Spanish water polo knows how to organize his schedule to play for Atlètic Barceloneta, pursue a degree in Law and collaborate in unexpected activities, such as the Barcelona 2018 ticket sales campaign. Álvaro Granados is always ready to help anyone and fulfill his obligations. And with a smile, to prove that anything can be done. He is the perfect sportsperson.

“It’s the first time I have been asked to participate in something like that – he explains, referring to the promotional event with the giant ball to promote the start of the ticket sales campaign – and it was a pleasure to come. We can all benefit from such an event, which will help promote water polo in Spain, which is why I’ll always try to make myself available. I’m really looking forward to compete in Barcelona 2018. We all need to try and help make these championships the greatest show of the season.” Whenever he talks about the 33rd LEN European Water Polo Championships Barcelona 2018 his face lights up. Playing in front of a home crowd “is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and anything we do will have great impact”. “You know your family is cheering for you – he adds – and your friends, acquaintances…everyone. They will be very close. This is the most important part of playing home.”

Granados, 19, became part of the Spanish national team last summer. His debut was non other than the World Aquatics Championships Budapest 2017. “It was a fantastic opportunity – he explains – when you’ve been working so hard to achieve your goals receiving that call from the manager is indescribable. I don’t see myself as a key player, but as a part of the team. I have to keep working to keep that spot because the competition in fierce. But leaving aside my role in the national team or whether I have the chance to play in Barcelona 2018, my goal is to improve as a player. I’m positive that if I get better I will be a part of the national team.”

Second top goalscorer of the 2018 Premaat League, Granados is getting better by the minute. He adapted fast to his new squad and keeps learning from his experienced teammates. “It took me two weeks to adapt. Everyone was very patient with me. The club and my colleagues have given me a great opportunity. You can’t imagine how much you can learn from just training alongside the stars of Atlètic Barceloneta. I have been raised in Terrassa and still live there with my parents, although the club has given me an apartment in Barcelona. I can only say good things about my former club, CN Terrassa, and Atlètic Barcelona.”

Granados is a freshman at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, where he studies Law. He thinks that in the future he will “work in something related to law”, but right now he focusses on the present: “The most important thing in my life is water polo. I will try to graduate as soon as possible, but my priority is sport.” The Champions League is the element that explains the dramatic change in the life is this young player: “Competing in the national league and in the major European competition can be overwhelming. The level is incredibly high, but I always try to give the best of me.”

Álvaro feels he is improving. “I learn something new every day, and try to improve what I learnt the day before”, he underlines, very proud of his achievements. When he competes in Barcelona 2018, his sacrifices will have been worth it.